What Should Be Avoided to Keep From Making Vehicle Graphics Mistakes

Customers often ask about common vehicle graphics mistakes  Well, obviously, not putting any graphics on your companies vehicles is mistake number one.  Once you’ve come to the smart decision to brand your vehicles with graphics, we will then collaborate with you to create vehicle graphics that will produce the result that you’re looking for.  Team Lettersmith will keep you from making vehicle graphics mistakes that can be easily avoided.


Something that we often see on vehicles are graphics that have entirely Too Much Information.  This creates an image that is difficult to read, confusing, and unappealing.  If the graphics include multiple logos it can make it difficult for potential customers to understand what it is that you do or sell.  Your most identifiable logo can be lost in the image if there are too many others that may be keeping eyes from focusing on it.   

Vehicle graphics mistakes also include listing too many services that a business provides. Moving vehicles aren’t suitable for long lists or bulletin points. Remember, this is your company vehicle, not a brochure.  You only have a few seconds to capture your prospect’s attention.

Too many images or concepts is another branding killer on the vehicle graphics mistakes list. For example, if a heating and cooling company also does plumbing they may try to add 2 or 3 images for each of those services.  This creates a design that quickly becomes difficult and confusing to read and understand.  It’s cleaner and easier to understand to have one logo that stands for your business and then use that logo consistently to create an image that will become recognizable.  Also, using multiple slogans may seem like a good idea, but the most probable outcome is a muddied message — it’s usually best to stick with one slogan or tagline.  

Consistency With Your Branding

Another common issue on the list of vehicle graphics mistakes is inconsistency with branding.  Your company vehicle should be part of your marketing strategy. It shouldn’t have a graphic or a logo that is different than your other means of advertisement.  When you are driving your pickup, van or car throughout the city’s streets and highways, you don’t want there to be any mistakes about what your message is. 

vehicle graphics mistakes

What About Colors and Fonts

Difficult to read fonts like a script or Comic Sans can diminish readability.  They can also be unprofessional looking. Also when graphics include more than two different fonts, this can clutter and confuse your message. Also, this may surprise you, but the wrong color can destroy your message. When you use dark blue lettering on a black background, it is very difficult, if not impossible to read.  

The Lettersmith Team can help prevent you from making these common vehicle graphics mistakes by simply….

Keeping It Simple!

vehicle graphics mistakes