Avery ColorFlow Baja Boat Wrap

A Kansas City Area Boat Wrap is a great way to make your boat stand out on the water. When opportunity presents itself in a project such as this, our expertise really stands out.  It’s exciting when a customer asks us to do a full coverage wrap on a boat.  Especially when it’s a  25 foot Baja Boss such as this one.

The client decided to go with a newer product on the market (Avery ColorFlow Gloss Lightning Ridge), which shifts shades depending on the direction the sun is hitting it. In addition, the Chrome accents complement the already existing Chrome parts and accessories.  The process completely changes the look of this spectacular boat.

Not only does this boat stand out above the others when it’s on the water, this boat wrap makes it unique and one-of-a-kind!


Our customer is wanting a full coverage boat wrap on his 25 foot Baja Boss. We decided to go with Avery Gloss Lightning Ridge so the boat would stand out unlike any boat on the water.


As a result of the new facelift, this 25 foot Baja is sure to catch every eye on the water.