Commercial Vehicle Wraps and Cut Decals in Kansas City

We specialize in Commercial Vehicle Wraps and Cut Decals in Kansas City.

We are the Experts in the Kansas City Area. 

The Lettersmith goal is to improve a company’s image based upon a customer’s ideas. At Lettersmith, we know that Commercial vehicle wraps and cut decals in Kansas City are always best when the customer’s ideas are used.

Lettersmith’s team of expert designers and installers use the customer’s ideas to create a layout.  These plans always generate new business for the customer.  Commercial vehicle wraps and cut decals in Kansas City are among the most affordable and efficient ways of advertisement. They are driving billboards! 

Each time you drive your vehicle, you will attract potential customers during transit. It is estimated to increase your business exposure approximately fifteen times more than any other affordable way of advertisement.

Here are some of the advantages of getting your Commercial Vehicle Wrap from Lettersmith.

  • We are an all inclusive shop.
  • Lettersmith is a family owned and operated company.
  • We offer 1 on 1 quality customer service.
  • Commercial Vehicle Experts – Lettersmith is a 3M Certified Installation Company.
  • We know every dollar counts and the value it has for your commercial vehicle.

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Printing Your Commercial Vehicle Wraps

Thinking about a commercial vehicle wrap in Kansas City?  Lettersmith and Company can digitally print your vehicle wrap or cut decals. We use a full-color processing system, so we can get as creative as you would like to be. Lettersmith has the expertise to insert any photo or words that will generate attention to possible clients driving by.  Commercial vehicle wraps and graphics in Kansas City are the most efficient ways to promote your business. Generate new leads as you have your vehicle onsite doing service.

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Truck Wraps

At Lettersmith Sign and Decal Company, We can wrap all types of trucks no matter the size. Trucks wraps are used among distribution and delivery companies to advertise during service. Trucks are a lot of space to cover. The advertisement can be big in size. Everyone driving around you can see your advertisement which can attract new customers.  Call us for a quote today!

Color Change Wraps

No more need for a custom paint job! We have a full chart of colors for your needs. We can wrap an entire vehicle or only parts of it. The material is removable so it can replace any time that you want.

Trailers Wraps

Does your Commercial Vehicle Fleet include a trailer?  Trailers are an essential part of the workforce.  No matter what the purpose is, having a unique trailer is always essential. In working situations, having a trailer with your advertisement is always the perfect excuse to attract new prospects while traveling to a work site. The trailer can definitely be a driving billboard!


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Vinyl Lettering & Graphics

Vinyl vehicle lettering is a great low-cost option for adding your business name and information to your vehicles! If you want to just add your logo and phone number and website to a vehicle in cut vinyl graphics, check us out at!