Expert Advice for Making an Impact with Your Signs

Drive Sales with Effective Business Signs

As a business owner, you want to make a significant impact with your business sign. Look no further, the expert sign designers from Lettersmith Co. have listed three key things you need to do to succeed.

Make it Clear to Read and Visible

Effective Business SignsYou don’t want people lost when it comes to finding your business due to small size or unclear message. Also, if your sign is obstructed by buildings, power lines, trees, or other signs, you are losing customers. Inspect the placement of your signs from every angle a potential customer might have. Consider external illumination or changing its colors, position, or typeface to help it be seen.

Don’t Stuff Your Sign

A sign that is difficult to process will repel people. So definitely, you want to make your sign easy to understand and read. Use a high-contrast format and don’t exceed the word count to more than seven. If your address is the most critical piece of information on the sign, feature it. If your service is not found elsewhere, communicate that point above all else. The bottom line is to keep it simple; you can tell your customers more about your brand after you get them inside your store.

Use Different Placements

Studies have determined that people can have different perceptions of the same sign, depending on how they view it. When a passerby views a sign out of their right visual field, they respond more favorably to words rather than images. On the other side, individuals who see a sign out of their left visual field will respond more positively to an image-based sign that’s mounted at a driver’s eye level.

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