Don’t Let these Bad Practices Ruin Your Fleet Wraps

Fleet Wraps Design & Installation Mistakes to Avoid

When considering getting fleet wraps in Kansas City, think twice before you cut off on advertising expenses. Fleet wrap designed and installed by sub-par amateurs lead to decreased product longevity or loss of efficiency. Don’t let this happen to you! Take a look at some fleet wraps design & installation pitfalls that owners should avoid.

Improper Installation

Installation of fleet wraps requires expertise. No matter how many blogs you read about D.I.Y., this job is better done by a reliable car wrap company. Experts provide the most appropriate designs for the fleet wraps and use the highest quality materials and installation procedure.


This is a prevalent mistake when you decide to install the wrap yourself. Vinyl is a form of polyvinyl chloride that has a “memory” that refers back to its original shape. To eliminate the risk of the material conforming to the original form, experts perform post-installation heating (and other techniques). Otherwise, it is just a matter of time before a vehicle wrap starts conforming to its original shape — and looking awful and unprofessional.

Using Low-Quality Vinyl

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Fleet wraps will most likely wear out after some time due to the exposure to the elements. Using low-quality vinyl will speed up the process, making your decal look dull quicker. This will not happen as quickly when you choose the high-quality vinyl. Opt for the most durable materials like 3M vinyl films to avoid costly repairs or re-installation.

Using the Wrong Type of Vinyl

If you choose the wrong type vinyl you will end up with big problems, including bubbling, over-stretching, color distortion, wrinkling and among others. A qualified service provider can recommend the proper vinyl for your particular needs.

In summary, many other reasons can make your wraps look ugly. But the above are among the most common, and what’s more, they are virtually unavoidable when choosing an amateur vehicle wrap company or embarking in a D.I.Y. installation.

If you want to play it safe or, you are not satisfied with your current fleet wraps then contact the Lettersmith qualified professionals today.

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