Getting a New Van? Give it a New Look!

The top reason for installing vehicle graphics through Lettersmith is to set yourself apart from the competition.  

Effective use of color, direct messaging and simple brand identification transform your vehicle in an a key advertising tool.  

It’s important and smart to consider the basics when you are thinking about the design you want on your Kansas City vehicle graphics.  The basics include:

  • Your Company’s name and logo
  • The Business phone number and website
  • The services you offer clearly understood through the graphics
  • Your essential message through a memorable tag line
  • Pictures of your product or Services help you get others to receive your message

It’s startling to the Lettersmith Team to see a company’s vehicle driving around town not only with missing information but with negative visual effects.  If the company name and logo are unclear or missing, it’s not going to meet the intention of the graphics.  When the phone number and website are peeling or fading, then how will the potential customer reach the business.  What about those confusing graphics that do not make the purpose of the business clear?  A memorable tag line can help a business become more recognizable quickly.  Pictures help to direct attention to the vehicle when it is passing by quickly.

Bigger, Bolder, Brighter

When Team Lettersmith designs vehicle graphics, we create an images that customers will be able to understand at a quick glance.  It will always be clear what is offered by the business.  We do this by creating an image that is bigger, bolder and brighter.

Delivering Your Main Message

We all know that reading all of the information on a moving vehicle is next to impossible while driving through the streets.  That’s why it so important to catch the eye of a potential customer with your name and what you sell.  Your website, phone number, and address can then be learned upon doing search on any mobile device.