A Simple Guide to Create Successful Retail and Store Graphics

4 Graphic Design Tips for Your Business

Thoughtfully created, graphic design for retail stores enhance your storefront and its interior. As a result, they help you boost sales, improve your brand, and build a more exciting shopping atmosphere to drive in more traffic. Here we show you how to create successful retail and store graphics in Kansas City.

1) Choose Fonts That Are Easy to Read

Even though there are tons of choices for fonts, we recommend using just one or two per sign and select the ones that are clear and easy to read. You should avoid cursive fonts. Also, use a size that is large enough to read from a distance. The bottom line is to choose a simple, clean, and highly legible style. San Serif fonts like Arial, Avant Garde, Calibri, and Helvetica are a few examples.

2) Colors Matter

You can use colors to promote a specific season. For example, green, red, and gold are perfect choices for Christmas promotions. To highlight your brand, pick colors that complement your logo or are in your brand’s color scheme.

Graphic Design Tips3) Go Straight to The Point

Avoid using excess words and look for ways to simplify the message while telling the customer exactly what they are buying. Don’t forget to include the reason why they should buy the product or service. The trick is to avoid listing features and focus on the benefits.

4) Don’t Skimp on Quality

You want your retail graphics signage to reflect the quality of your products and service. Also, you want your investment to last as long as possible. The only way to get all these is by investing in high-quality graphics that speak to customers and make a memorable first impression.

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