Kansas City Box Truck Wraps

Vinyl Kansas City box truck wraps should be the first thing you think about when you hear “mobile billboard”.

Having a box truck is like having a big blank canvas. There is no reason that ‘canvas’ can’t work for you.  Kansas City Box truck wraps are an attractive, cost-effective way of making sure your message is seen.

If your vehicle is outside your regular delivery area or on the road en route to a service call, Lettersmith and Co. can help your business advertise itself everywhere. Our designers can create a customized Kansas City box truck wrap designed to perfectly fit your vehicle.

Bold graphics, bright colors and an attention to detail make our vinyl Kansas City box truck wraps stand out.  It’s common to see a vehicle with a phone number and a logo on the side, but how often do you see a design that covers the entire side of a box truck?





 box truck wraps

I lease my vehicle. Will box truck wraps damage the paint?

No!!  One of the most beneficial things about box truck graphics and box truck decals is they are removable.  Your Kansas City Box Truck Wraps remove safely without altering the paint job of the box truck itself.