Lettersmith and Company: Your Street-Smart Advertising Solution

Lettersmith has a solution on how to use your vehicles to promote your Kansas City area business.  Fleet graphics from Lettersmith can turn your vehicle or vehicles into mobile billboards.  Vehicle graphics or decals can help to expand reach, frequency, and impact on your advertising efforts.  As business owners, we all want to grow, no matter how big or how small.

Using Vehicles to Promote You Kansas City Area Business

A Smart Move in Every Direction

Some business operate a fleet of 1,000 trucks and others rely on 1 single van to deliver your products and services.  Lettersmith Sign and Decal Company can transform these vehicles into a cost-effective advertising tools. Graphics on your business vehicles can be powerful enough to help drive brand awareness, sales and business growth.

The Power to Reach

Think about this:  One truck that travels throughout the Kansas City Area with Lettersmith graphics or decals every day, can generate millions visual impressions in a year. In fact, studies show that mobile media is the most cost-effective and influential advertising tool available.*

*according to the American Trucking Association

The Power to Impress

How influential is it when you use your vehicles to promote your Kansas City Area business?  If you are considering vehicle graphics in any city, you will find the following interesting.

A study by an agency called RYP & Becker Group states that:

  • 97% of survey respondents recalled the ad on the truck. 
  • 98% thought the ads created a positive image of the advertiser.
  • 96% thought fleet graphics had more impact than billboards.

And, Finally, The Power to Target

Your potential customers are out there.  They are driving the same highways, streets and roads that you drive everyday.  It only makes sense to use your vehicles to promote your Kansas City Area business.




Vehicles to promote your Kansas City Area business