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Custom Bus Wraps in Kansas City

If you are looking for a dynamic, proven and powerful medium to leverage your brand in Kansas City, custom bus wraps are the way to go. Wraps are an excellent, affordable, and sustainable signage solution to increase awareness to drive your message home.

How Your Business Can Benefit from Wrapping a Bus

Businesses in Kansas City that have wrapped their buses have benefited from the increased exposure.

Premium bus wraps & graphics command a genuinely dynamic presence on the road and in traffic. The US population spends on average 2 hours per day on the road. Also, mobile advertising generates up to 70,000 impressions on a day per vehicle. Furthermore, vehicle advertising costs only a fraction of TV, Radio, Print or conventional billboards.

Whether you decide to get a partial bus wrap or a full-color wrap, these smart signage solutions transform any vehicle into a powerful advertising tool.

Premium bus wraps & graphics,

A vehicle covered in a custom wrap offers company owners the opportunity to share their message in a unique format. Plus, quality wrap films give a complete makeover and an unmatchable, branded, and new look to your bus or fleet.

Moreover, customized programs can help you keep your brand top of mind. As well-designed wraps will promote and leverage your product offerings. In addition, vehicle wraps are an innovative way to expand your advertising reach within a very targeted Kansas City area.

If you own a charter bus, deluxe motor coach, minibus, executive coach or a double-decker bus, consider custom wraps & graphics from Lettersmith Co.

Lettersmith Sign & Decal Co. has helped a lot of different customers with Bus Wraps since 2004. You can get inspired by taking a look at our photo gallery. To find out how your organization can benefit from wrapping a bus please call us on (913) 390-0035.

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We look forward to helping you maximize your exposure in the region. Request a quote today and skin your bus with an awesome bus wrap!

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