Quality Kansas City Vehicle Graphics – It’s Not Always Best to Accept the Lowest Bid

When Considering Quality Kansas City Vehicles Graphics

You May Be Hurt In The Long Run By Accepting The Lowest Bid


Lettersmith and Company frequently receives requests to quote on Quality Kansas City Vehicle Graphics removals. We are one of the few companies that consistently train and prepare to properly remove the “bargain price” decals.  Team Lettersmith can quickly determine whether it is an install that was done with quality materials using the correct install techniques done by a certified installer – such as Lettersmith.

It usually a surprised to business owners that it can cost as much to remove incorrectly installed decals made from materials that are of lower quality as what they paid to have them installed.  This is usually due to the fact that when using a cheaper material that include a permanent adhesive. It’s difficult, labor intensive, and time consuming to remove such materials. When making decisions, these customers are not aware at the time of purchase, that when removing the decals that chemicals or that sanding is necessary. These methods can cause so much surface damage that repainting is necessary; otherwise, the vehicle’s end value is compromised.  

The point is take your time and do your research. The lowest bid is not necessarily the best. Here are some additional points to consider:

  • How will you use the vehicle? • Is it for promotional purposes, for daily use, or part of a fleet? 
  • Does your business own or lease the vehicle?
  • What is the lease agreement/obligations at the end of the lease? • How much time will you need the graphics on your vehicle?
  • What will happen to the vehicles at the end of this time?
  • Will you be having the installer also do the designing and/or printing? – Remember, when the installer does the printing, the fit is always best for your quality Kansas City Vehicle Graphics.
quality kansas city vehicle graphics