Successful Vehicle Wraps for Businesses

How do you get vehicle wraps for businesses to be Successful?  Obviously, the way you organize your Name and Logo on your wrap is a priority.  Making your wrap stand out is what will make the difference on getting your business noticed.  Your name and logo should be a larger font  the the rest of the text.  It should also contrast well with the background of the wrap.  When your logo is not in contrast with the background on your graphics, it can be difficult to read – especially when the vehicle is going down a highway.  It’s also a positive factor to have your business logo consistent for all of your advertising forms whether it’s print or in media.   

So, First Things First With Vehicle Wraps for Businesses

Remember that when you are planning your business vehicle wrap, the first things that should be considered are your PHONE NUMBER and WEB ADDRESS.  You want to be sure that they are both very noticeable and easy to see at a quick glance.  At Lettersmith, we have the experience to collaborate with you to determine the fonts and colors that are the most readable easy to see against the background. Simplified fonts are much easier to read than the more complex ones.  Let’s save the fancy ones for another day.

Next, What Does Your Business Have To Offer to Customers?

When designing vehicle wraps for businesses, Lettersmith leads you to stick with your primary product or service.  It gets confusing when there is a list of too many services or products on the vehicle.  In this case, simple is usually better.

Social Media – Make it Work For You!

 If you are a social media user,  let the public know. More and more prospective customers are using social media to search for products and services. Try placing only the social media icons on your vehicle wraps for businesses instead of full URLS.  It’s far more usable since they are obviously easier to read on your moving vehicle.  

Don’t Distract From Your Message!

The purpose of vehicle Wraps for Businesses is to enhance the branding, not compete with the artwork that is on your design. In an effective vehicle wrap you don’t want to overwhelm the message by the artwork. The priority for a business is to share the message. This is advertising. It’s not a personal vehicle where artwork and design come first.  Don’t loose your message in the design.  

Lettersmith Can design Vehicle Wraps For Businesses!


The key to a successful company vehicle wrap is for the message to be the focal point of the design. Whether it’s a call to action or branding — the company name, logo, and contact information should be the primary focus.