The Time it Takes to Get Your Vehicle Graphics Installed

How Long Will It Take To Get My Vehicle Wrapped?

The time it takes to get your vehicle graphics installed depends on a few things.  It can take two or three weeks to produce custom graphics. It also depends on the vehicle type and the graphics installation choice you make.  These choices include simple cut decals all the way through a full coverage vehicle wrap.  All these factors affect the time it takes to get your vehicle graphics installed. We at Lettersmith know that time is money, but poor quality can cause losses.  We complete our projects in the amount of time it takes to get it right the first time.  Our customers are made aware of the timeline to expect the finished product.  Typically, for a full wrap, you will have your vehicle ready to pick up the day after you drop it off.

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What Affects The Time it Takes to Complete My Wrap?

The factors that play a part on how long your vehicle wrap will take include:

What Slows Down The Process?

  • Missing information, such as measurements, logos, and installation requirements, delay the project.
  • Order changes will slow or halt the process.
  • Unsuitable artwork — using inferior artwork may speed up the turnaround, but cleaning it up can take MORE time.

What Can Customers Do To Shorten The Time Needed?

  • Do your homework and have a design or message in mind before the process begins. Multiple design changes, while acceptable, may add cost and time to the job.
  • Provide as much information as you can up front.

The experience behind Team Lettersmith will help to provide you with and accurate time line.  You will usually be aware of the time it takes to wrap your vehicle before the process begins.

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