Why Truck Wraps Are Your Best Mobile Advertising Choice

Truck Wraps Get Your Business Noticed in No Time

Even though there are other outdoor advertising solutions, truck wraps and graphics are your best mobile advertising choice.

A truck parked in your warehouse means you are losing tons of chances to advertise your business. After developing your marketing materials, your vehicles should be on the road as soon as possible.

Truck Wraps are a great Mobile Advertising SolutionYou cannot afford to spend days applying a wrap to a truck before sending it on its next trip. Your graphics and wraps need to be easy to apply as well as to remove.

Other Mobile Advertising Solutions


Painting your truck can enable it to become part of your marketing campaign. However, it has some drawbacks, as it means pulling the truck off the road at least for an entire day for the whole process to take place.

On the other hand, you can hire vehicle wrap professionals who can print your company’s logo and slogan on vinyl and apply it in a reasonable time frame without sacrificing the quality.

Soft-Sided Changeable Truck Systems

These systems are heavy and difficult to apply. Plus, when traveling at high speeds, they can vibrate, which compromises the quality of your graphics. They also retain dirt and are often hard to clean, making them a very short-term advertising alternative. Plus, the initial cost of their installation can be higher than a self-adhesive vinyl film job.

Truck Graphics and Wraps

A lightweight, durable and quality truck wrap from Lettersmith Sign & Decals provides an easy-to-install, full-vehicle advertisement solution. Your message will not only stand out with the use of truck & box truck graphics, vinyl decals, and stickers, but your vehicle’s exterior will be protected under quality products.


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If you need a quality wrap that is easily applied and removed, turn to the professionals at Lettersmith Sign & Decals Co. We offer full-service and project management for your fleet’s vehicle graphics requirements. With nearly over 16 years of experience, the team at Lettersmith & Co. knows what is vital to fleet managers, delivering cost-effective and convenient signage solutions in Kansas City. Contact us today to arrange a consultation!

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