Vehicle Graphic Design in Kansas City

Vinyl vehicle graphic design customized for you by Lettersmith Sign & Decal Company

READY, SET, GROW your business…..

Team Lettersmith can plan and create our customer’s projects from start to finish. We will come up with a way to communicate your message, to whoever sees it, with the right color and illustration to best fits the purpose of the project. Lettersmith can develop the layout and design of your vehicle wrap by working with customers to create custom template for any type of vehicle.

Graphic Design in Kansas City

The Lettersmith team of designers can plan and create visual solutions to help our customers achieve their advertising message. From sketches and layouts to colors and designs with an impact, Lettersmith has the solution you need to wrap up the competition with your vehicle advertisement.

1 Our graphic design process in Kansas City begins with discovery. We will sit down with you to discuss where you started, where you are now, and where you want to be. This helps us get a good idea of what we are visually representing. Our design team also reviews any current graphics you are already using in your branding.

2 From our professional design advice, we will determine whether we continue to use your current graphics or if we will need to create a new design. If using a current graphic, we will modify the design appropriately to fit your desired vehicle.

3 If it is decided to create a new design for your vehicle wrap, our design team will create four mock ups of possible graphic options. Once we narrow down the options, we will fully analyze each design for any changes. Tailoring to the needs of the business is our #1 priority.

4 Once the design is approved, it will be transferred to a layout template to match the make and model of the vehicle. We move on to the final step, the approval of the layout template. When the template is given the green light, we send the graphics to the printer.