The Lettersmith Team Vehicle Graphics Coverage Options

At Lettersmith, we offer six different vehicle graphics coverage options for your vehicle.  Our experienced Team can help you choose the right option that will meet both your needs and your budget.

Team Lettersmith Vehicle Graphic Coverage Options

  • Full Wrap – The first of our graphic coverage options is a full wrap covers the entire vehicle with vinyl. This may or may not include covering all or part of the glass. Full wraps range in design from covering a car in one material, such as a matte finish, to a fully covered 53′ semi-trailer.
  • vehicle graphics coverage options
  • Partial Wrap – Covers a substantial part of the vehicle, usually 1/3 to 1/2. A partial wrap can be as effective as a full wrap, especially if the color of the vehicle blends into the background of the wrap as seen below.
  • vehicle graphics coverage options
  • Decal – Covers one area, usually a flat surface, such as a door or hood. Decals include company logos, emergency vehicle symbols, and other identification.
  • vehicle graphics coverage options
  • Cut Letters – Cut letters can be used to simply state who you are and how you can be reached.  
  • vehicle graphics coverage options
  • Magnetics – We can use magnetics in the place of decals or cut letters for removable or temporary applications.  This option makes it possible to move your logo from vehicle to vehicle.  
  • Window Film – We frequently use window film when installing a full wrap.  However, you may choose to use window film alone to cover all or any part of a vehicle’s glass.

Hopefully, this helps you understand the vehicle graphics coverage options that Team Lettersmith has available for you to choose from. Not all vinyl vehicle graphics are wraps.  With the above options we can help you achieve your vehicle graphics goal that best meets your needs and budget.   Our experienced team will help you decide which option works for you by showing examples of all six options available as well as a price range for each.  

vehicle graphics coverage options