Create a Memorable Visual Impact with Wall Wraps

Indoor and Outdoor Wall Wraps in Kansas City

Vinyl wall wraps in Kansas City can spruce up any wall in a building or house. You can use them on numerous surfaces including glass, metal, plastic, wood and painted surfaces. Plus, you can design your wall decal to your particular specifications. And, unlike wallpaper and paint, wraps are reusable. For all these reasons, you may want to consider wrapping the walls in your business or house with personalized cut vinyl wall graphics. To make your business more appealing to visitors, install wall wraps inside your building. Or use them in outdoor walls or fences to drive more traffic to your store.

Indoor Use

Vinyl wall graphics with large, bold, bright images invites customers to come in, entices their feelings, and leads them to purchases. You can apply them on any indoor wall to bring in new life. Use them to jazz up your conference room for more creative thinking, in your lobby for a more inviting and professional space, or turn a boring corridor into a new landscape.

Wall Wraps in Kansas City

Outdoor Use

Outdoor wall wraps can turn a dull, flat wall or fence into captivating spaces. They serve as an excellent means of advertising. Wall wraps is also an ideal tool for promoting existing or new products, services, signs, media and just about anything you want people to see. From small size wraps to large prints they can be printed in any format. In addition, quality wraps like those from Lettersmith & Co. are waterproof, fade-resistant, lightweight and flame retardant products. Furthermore, they can also be installed on any wall or fence: block, chain link metal, wood, and more.

From corporate offices to malls, to retail storefronts, to restaurants, to construction companies or other commercial facilities, all can benefit from the added value of well-designed wall graphics.

Kansas City expert sign designers

Lettersmith offers outdoor & indoor wall wraps in Kansas City. We print your custom graphics & wraps onto vinyl with one of our wide-format printers. As a result, our expert sign designers & installers can provide wall wraps in Missouri that are excellent for offices and corporate suites or even your home. So, if your goal is to have a wall wrap that represents you or your business, please call us at 913-390-0035 for assistance.

We are hiring for 2018! If you are an experienced vehicle graphics installer, enjoy working with others, and have the desire to work with the best 3M Certified Company in the Kansas City Area, please consider giving us a call.

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