Why Should You Consider Rear Window Graphics for Your Truck?

Benefits of Back Window Graphics

Rear Window Graphics and Rear Window Decals are one of the most accessible vehicle accessories that you can add to your truck. They are available in many sizes that accommodate most vehicles. Cars, SUVs, Trailers, and vans can also benefit from this amazing advertising tool. The films used to create rear window graphics are perforated. This means that you can easily see out of your vehicle but because of the printing on the exterior of the material it makes it harder for external viewers to look in. Here are more advantages of using one-way vision film signs:

benefits of rear window graphics

  • Add privacy and security to your collaborators, tools, and equipment, by preventing vandals seeing inside your vehicles
  • Complement your vehicle wraps with the monthly deals information on the windows
  • Maximize your brand impact by using every available centimeter of your vehicle’s surface
  • Showcase company messages at eye level for people on the road

Most rear windows are at eye level relative to other road people, making the window space a highly visible spot to place display your messages. Plus this type of vehicle signage is highly durable and yet are easy to remove.

The ease of removal means you can use the window space for special promotion deals without the having to invest in changing an entire vehicle wrap.

In sum, these type of signs are 100% removable within the warranty period, they are fully customizable, cheaper than a vehicle wrap, and don’t damage your vehicle as magnets.

After you have decided to go for a custom vehicle wrap all you need to do is to reach out a professional sign company to make your ideas a reality.

Whether it is a custom vehicle wrap of rear window graphics, you can trust Lettersmith to design and install your vehicle signs. Call us at 913-390-0035 to speak with an expert or get your free quote here.

Back Window Graphics